Class 3 – Summer Term

Maths: Our programme of work for maths has been adapted to reflect the findings from the assessments completed before the spring break. We will continually revisit all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) during the term paying particular attention to problem solving. We will also cover fractions, mass, capacity, statistics, money and time. Please practice telling the time at home to help your child access their learning in school.

English: Our English lessons will allow pupils to explore some excellent texts from abridged versions of classic texts; Oliver Twist  and Mary Poppins to a study of ‘The Dancing Bear’ by Morpurgo. Our non-fiction units will cover arguments and persuasion. Critically, over this term we will be following the ‘plan- write- edit’ process, enabling pupils to develop strong, independent writing skills.

Spelling: Please check ‘Google Classroom’ weekly for our main class focus. Alongside this pupils are also tracking their individual spelling needs and focusing on editing for spellings when writing in class.

Reading: In school we will be using the ‘Pathways to Reading scheme’ focusing on two books – The Morning I Met a Whale by Michael Morpurgo and The Atlas of the UK and Ireland. These texts will be used to explore a range of reading skills from basic decoding words and vocabulary exploration to inference and prediction.

Science: We will be exploring plants.

During our study of plants we will learn about the life cycle, including pollination, seed formation, seed dispersal and germination. We will observe seeds and think about their methods of dispersal .

While studying our final unit of science we will investigate light. Looking at shadows, reflection and prisms.

History/ Geography: Our study of the UK and Manchester will allow pupils to learn about human and physical geography. We will be comparing Congleton with Manchester. We will study the period of time from mid Victorian- Edwardian eras exploring the impact of industrialisation on our towns and cities. We will also look at some of the famous historical figures who have statues in the city; including musician Chopin, Emmeline Pankhurst and Ghandi.

Art and DT: We will work on a range of skills during this unit; firstly experimenting with colour mixing and different medium to replicate Lowry’s work. We will also continue to focus on our sketching skills, drawing famous landmarks in the city. We will also be creating a 3D scaled model of Manchester.

P.E: We will be doing some PE each day. We will cover athletics, tennis, dance and fitness.

Music: We will be spending time listening to and appraising pieces of music from Chopin to Oasis during our study of Manchester music. We will also use scratch to compose pieces with an industrial theme. We will also follow our music scheme Charanga.

PSHCE: During PSHCE lessons we will be following our My Happy Minds scheme and exploring how we relate and engage with others.

World Religions : We will be exploring how religions shape identity and key celebrations with the Jewish community .

Homework: Each week there will be work set on ‘Google Classrooms’ and ‘TT Rockstars’ for your child to complete. We will be reviewing homework with pupils on Monday mornings.