Foundation Stage

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Meet our Foundation Stage Team:

Miss Barber

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Boon

Ms Macardo

Mrs Islam

Mrs Dale

Miss Barber is the teacher in our Foundation Stage.

Our Foundation Stage Curriculum Goals:

Our Foundation Stage:

The daily routine is very important in the Foundation Stage as the children need the security of knowing what they are doing when. As such is it important that children arrive on time. 

Foundation Stage 1:

Sessions are for children aged 2 to 4. The morning session starts at 9.00am and runs until 12.00noon. 2 children come into school at 8.50am until 3.20pm. Lunch time provision is available from 12 till 1pm where lunch is provided at a cost, or you can send a packed lunch. The afternoon session starts at 1.00pm and runs until 4.00pm. Full days run from 9 till 3pm if you are using funded hours for lunch times, or 9 – 4pm if you choose to fund the additional hour.

Foundation Stage 2:

The children in Foundation Stage 2 come into school at 8.50am until 3.20pm.

Our sessions are divided into different periods; each one is intended to develop a particular set of skills. The children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We shall be developing a skills based curriculum divided into the prime and specific areas of learning:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Communication and Language




Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Throughout the year we will be covering a range of small topics, which allow us to respond to the children’s interests. The topics will be cross-curricular and all aspects of the EYFS Curriculum will be incorporated.

As part of our Foundation Stage your child will benefit from being together as one at times.  There will be a good ratio of adults to children working in the Foundation Stage team, providing greater learning opportunities for your child.  Our younger children will enjoy the free flow learning experience and our older children will have greater opportunities to extend and broaden their learning.  This is known as child initiated learning.  

A number of activities will be teacher led within the Foundation Stage such as phonics, literacy and numeracy activities.  This will enable children to become effective, motivated learners, providing them with the flexibility and fluidity, therefore meeting the needs of each pupil within the Foundation Stage.

Working as a Foundation Stage provides the children with more space in an indoor and outdoor learning environment that will respond to the individual needs of our children.

Remember that the most important and precious gift you can give your child is your TIME. It’s not always easy within family life – but it is vital!! Remember children need to enjoy what they are doing and respond well to praise and encouragement.

Home and school is a partnership and working together we can develop the unique abilities of your child.

Clothing & Jewellery:

Foundation Stage 1 children can wear our school nursery aged uniform. Please take into consideration we spend a lot of our time outside and ‘getting messy’ – please ensure that children are dressed appropriately for this.

Foundation Stage 2 children are required to wear our school uniform. 

If you require any uniform items it can be ordered from DP Sports, Congleton.

Jewellery should not be worn in school as it can be dangerous and is often lost.

Foundation Stage 2 children are required to have a P.E kit in a named bag.  P.E. kits need to be in school every day, as P.E. is liable to change days occasionally.  It can be washed at regular intervals. 

Please ensure all items of your child’s clothing are clearly named.

The children go out to play everyday and we would be grateful if they could bring in a Water-proof jacket (when the weather gets colder they will also need gloves, and a hat) since outdoor learning continues whatever the weather!

 Parents As Partners:

To help keep you up to date with Foundation Stage news, and dates for your diaries we provide Parent as Partners leaflets termly, and weekly school newsletters.  We have an open door policy within our Foundation Stage, if you have any worries, concerns or celebrations and would like to speak to a member of our Foundation Stage team please make an appointment.

Stay and Play events we deliver these on a half termly basis.