Our Vision

At Marlfields Primary Academy we strive for excellence in all we do in school and in the wider community.

We provide a place where all can achieve their potential; develop their mind; be creative and cultivate their interests.

To all our pupils;

Marlfields is a school where you will be encouraged to be yourself.  A place where you can cultivate your interests, realise your potential and follow your dreams.  We will work with you to recognise your strengths and support you to constantly improve yourself. Every day at Marlfields, the staff & Governors work to make sure that by the time you leave us:

You will know what it feels like to be good at something & have achieved your very best;

You will love learning new things & want to keep on learning more;

You will understand just how incredible you are, believe in yourself & have confidence in your abilities;

You will have grown healthy & strong & understand how to look after your body;

You will have known friendship & learned how to get along well with other people;

You will feel part of your local community & proud of your school.

Awards & Accreditations​

Marlfields Primary Academy has many accreditations and awards promoting a range of good practice including healthy living, singing, sport, science, Fairtrade, eco management and mental health wellbeing.

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Contact The School

Mrs Yoxall and Mrs Hatton manage the school office and are happy to handle & direct any parent or public enquiries.

Telephone: 01260 633120

Email: admin@marlfields.cheshire.sch.uk

The School Office is available Monday – Friday from 8:45am – 4:00pm