Class 5 – Spring Term 2023


I hope you have all had a lovely break with your family and friends.


English: This term our English work will consist of writing for a range of purposes, initially the children will write a wishing tale, choosing words carefully to create tension, feelings of the characters, an effective opening to create atmosphere and use speech to enable their characters to communicate. The second fiction piece of writing will be a warning tale. Moving on from fiction writing the children will move onto explanation texts and persuasive texts. For whole class reading, we will continue to follow ‘Pathways to Read’ and the children will access this daily, the first text we will be reading is called, Odd and the Frost Giants, followed by Pollution – a look behind the scenes.

Computing: In computing, the children will be completing a unit of work on microbits, this includes using block coding to program a device and understanding how a separate computer can program external devices. The second half of the term will be programming music: scratch this will include the children understanding that a soundtrack is music for a film/video and that one way of composing these is on programming software.

Maths: Spring term will see the continuation of Fractions; the children will measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes in centimetres and metres. The third and final unit of fractions will see the children multiplying fractions and calculating fractions of amounts. Linking to Fractions, the children will learn about percentages and decimals, this will include writing decimals as fractions, ordering and comparing decimals and finally understanding percentages and writing them as decimals and fractions.

The children will move onto graphs and tables interpreting data and showing data in a range of ways. Finally, the children will complete a unit of measure where the children will learn about area and perimeter, including measuring and calculating perimeter and area.

All children will continue to learn their times tables up to 12×12.

Science: This term in our Science, we will be focussing on Properties and changes of materials. The children will be building on previous learning and looking at how much mixtures are separated through filtering, sieving and evaporating. The children will be able to explain that some changes result in the formation of new materials, usually changes associated with burning and the action of acid. In the second half of the term, we will look at the planets, how night and day forms, and the phases of the moon.

Music: The children will continue to experience lessons taught through our music scheme, ‘Charanga’ where we will be discussing the features and structure of a pop ballad and learn to sing/clap in the style of Hip Hop. We will be practising our songs for Singfest, this year the theme is ‘Dancers and Dreamers’, keep your eyes peeled on Google Classroom for the songs and lyrics.

Modern Foreign Language:The children will continue to experience French as a language focusing on how to name and pronounce various words and phrases.  

Art: We will be linking our art unit of work with our work on Planet Earth and the children will know how to use line, tone, shape and colour to represent movement and depth. They will use a range of media to create mood and feeling. The children will have the opportunity to investigate the artwork of Claude Monet.

DT: Our DT topic this term will be focussing on making ‘carrier bags’. The children will think of a range of ideas using the evidence collated from a variety of carrier bags, in order to design their carrier bag. They will need to ensure that they have taken on board the success criteria for the bag. A range of tools will be used to construct their bag. Finally, the children will be able to evaluate their bag critically.

Topic: Our theme this term is ‘Planet Earth’. We will be finding out about the significance of Ernest Shackleton’s journey across Antarctica as well as looking at the physical features of the earth such as mountains. We will be using maps of the UK and World to study time zones, longitude and latitude, hemispheres, mountains and rivers, biomes and rivers. The children will know the continents of the world, the oceans, and other features e.g., equator, tropics of cancer and Capricorn. The children will be able to use a range of mapping skills to read a map, understanding what this shows and what features the map represents.

PSHE: As a new school year starts the children will begin by thinking about ‘friendships’, what determines a healthy friendship and challenges they may face along the journey, the children will understand healthy online relationships. The children will develop their understanding of safe relationships and ensuring they know how to respect themselves and others.  There will also be work on our My Happy Minds programme during the term.

World Religions: We will be continuing to implement the new World Religions planning where the children will learn about and understand their own values and beliefs and the importance of these on their own behaviour. The children will focus on the significance of community and why is it important for people to come together to worship.

P.E: Swimming at Biddulph Leisure Centre will take place on a Friday morning; your child will need to come to school beach ready, swimming caps will be required. Your child can wear goggles providing they have written permission and it is at the swimming teacher’s discretion. Your child can come into school in their Marlfields tracksuit on this day.  Please be aware they do need a PE kit in school at all times during the week in case spontaneous sessions occur.

Home tasks: All children are expected to read to an adult for 20 minutes at least three times per week and planners need to be signed by an adult as having done so. New spellings will be given out on a Monday and should be practised daily, ready for a test towards the end of the week. TT Rockstars should be completed on a daily basis and this should take no more than 10 minutes. Maths and English/Topic home tasks will be set on a Friday with the expectation that it will be completed by the following Thursday. All homework tasks will continue to be set on Google Classroom and the expectation is that it will be returned on Google Classroom too.