Class 5 – Spring Term


English: Reading will be taught through our whole-class Pathways to Read lesson. We will be completing the texts: ‘The Last Wild’ and ‘Pollution’. We will also be looking at books from other cultures and traditions.

In writing, the children will be using ‘Everest by Alexander Stewart’ focusing their skills as to how to write a fact file; narrative; setting description; a diary and black out poetry. There will be stand-alone spelling, grammar, and handwriting lessons during the week. English homework will consist of weekly spellings; grammar and/or writing set weekly on Google Classroom on a Friday. Spelling homework will be given out on a Monday to be tested on Friday. Reading at home should be daily and planners should be signed weekly by an adult.  The children also have the ‘Fifty’ recommended read challenge to continue to work on set by Mrs Isherwood.

Maths: This term Maths’ lessons will consist of: Adding and subtracting fractions; formal methods of multiplication and division multiplying fractions and equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages. Arithmetic skills including times tables will be a clear focus throughout the year. It is important that the children continue to play TTRockstars regularly and as part of their homework, to keep their skills sharp. Homework will be set using and TTRockstars.

Science: During this term we will be looking at water resistance as well as mechanisms. We will then study: Properties and changes of materials looking at hardness, solubility, transparency, and conductivity. We conduct fair tests using solids, liquids and gases before moving on to reversible and irreversible changes, all these will enhance our scientific enquiry skills.

History/Geography: This term we work on a Geography focus:  Mountains and Rivers. We will use maps, atlases and globes to locate countries, identify physical features of mountains and rivers around the world. We link all of this while looking at historical explorers.

Art and Design: The focus of our art lessons this term will be impressionism and the skills they needed to create their work e.g. Monet. We will study landscapes inspired by Karla Gerard.

Design & Technology: The children will design and make their own bags with an eco-friendly theme.

Computing: For our computing lessons we will be looking at search engines and how not everything on the internet is true. The second part of the term will be programming music.

Music: Our first unit is Composing and chordswhich will create our own compositions. After this we will enjoy different music styles looking at ‘texture’.

World Religions: During our sessions, we will be looking at where different religions worship, express and celebrate their faith.

French: The children will be building on their learning from last term: counting and saying their age; reciting the months and saying the month their birthday is in; describing themselves.

PSHCE: Our PSHCE themes this term start with celebrating and respecting difference. We then look at dreams and goals. What our aspirations are and how to achieve our goals.  We use the school ‘Jigsaw’ curriculum scheme of work.

PE The children’s P.E. session will be on a Wednesday where the children will continue to swim. The children will also have a PE session every two weeks with Harry our coach. Please ensure correct kit is in school daily and clearly labelled with your child’s name as there will be other opportunities/team practices which they will need them for.