Strategic Partner to Teaching Schools

NFER is the National Foundation for Educational Research.

To support our school improvement we have been accepted on the project Children’s University this year.  This is a project that allows our Year 5 to experience opportunities before school, lunchtime and after school clubs, developing their skills for learning in different ways.  We are so excited and more information will be shared as we work through the project with NFER which is giving our pupils the right to have their voice heard giving evidence for excellence in education.

Updates will be put onto this page during the year as the children will be collecting stamps, earning awards and certificates.

aspirerMarlfields Primary Academy is a Strategic Partner of ‘The Aspirer Teaching School’

The Aspirer Teaching School is a collaboration between 21 schools, both Primary and Secondary, led by Ash Grove Academy. Our ethos is simply to improve outcomes for all young people, especially those from more challenging circumstances.

At Marlfields we are currently involved in a number of research projects with the teaching school which is benefiting children and staff these being:

  1. IPEEL – improving children’s writing skills.

     2. Investigating the effectiveness of a phonics intervention (Pulling it Together) in Year 1 – This trial will run for 6 weeks with a 20-30 minute session delivered every day for the target group (4 children) and an additional control group (4 children). The session will be delivered by a TA.

Results are shown in this document

PIT Final

3. Investigating the effectiveness of Talk Boost (ICAN) in Reception. Talk Boost is an evidence based Speech, Language and Communication Needs intervention developed by ICAN. It targets children aged 4-7 years with delayed language. This trial (10 weeks) will develop Talk Boost to a group of 4 children to measure its effectiveness in comparison with a small guided talk group.

Any school involved will receive the official ICAN Talk Boost training to be able to run the intervention.

Please follow the link to this website for further information on aspects of the alliance.

We were recently in action research with our alliance with Aspirer as a member and the results are shown below.