As of September 2014, all Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 pupils are entitled to free school meals. Please contact the school office on 01260 633120 for more information.

Dinner money

£12.00 per week (£2.40 per day) which should be sent in a named envelope each Monday morning. We also take payment through our BASC system and for more information please speak to Mrs Hatton or Mrs Yoxall.

Snack money

Juice or milk and snack costs £2.50 per week in years 1-6. Children enjoy toast, bagels, crumpets and toasted teacakes.

Snack for Nursery and Reception Class children costs £1 per week until the child’s 5th birthday, after which the price is the same as the rest of the school.

Snack money should be sent to school in a named envelope and should be separate to dinner money. Please ensure that snack money is sent in Monday morning to ensure that your child gets snack that day.

Please contact the school office 01260 633120 for the current menu in school.