Information for the Governors can be found at the Governors’ portal here

The Board of Governors aim to be a cohesive and professional team who use our skills and experience to work in partnership with the staff and parents.  The Board shares the commitment that Marlfields should provide the best possible education for its pupils. The Board of Governors has a number of duties and responsibilities towards pupils, staff, parents, the local authority and the wider community.

Educational Standards

  • Ensuring the school fulfills the legal requirements of the education system
  • Setting challenging but achievable educational targets
  • Ensuring the school is adequately resourced and that its resources are utilised properly and creatively
  • Ensuring all pupils receive an excellent, well rounded education academically, morally and socially so that they can move forward into the world, fully equipped for the challenges they will face


  • Developing a vision for the school and setting its strategic aims
  • Establishing the values that the school is expected to meet and maintain
  • Acting as critical friends – monitoring and evaluating performance and progress towards the school’s priorities and targets, supporting staff and challenging their expectations

Relationship with Stakeholders

  • Accountability – ensuring that the school is accountable to the children and parents it serves, to its local community, to those who fund and maintain it, as well as the staff it employs
  • Maintaining a close relationship with parents and the local community
  • Caring for the welfare and well being of staff and pupils.

The Board of Governors is required to achieve good value in the use of public resources.  We report on this via our value for money statement which can be viewed by clicking on the document below:

Value for Money Statement

The Governing Board

 Who’s Who in the Governing Board

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Attendance at Full Governing Board Meetings

For a summary of attendance at Full Governing Board meetings, please click on the document below:

Summary of FGB attendance 2014-2017

Register of Business Interests

For current Governing Board membership and their register of business interests, please click on the document below:

Register of Business Interests for Governors of the Academy 2018-19

Full Governing Board Meetings

The Full Governing Board meets 3 times a year; once every school term, to discuss matters relating to the running of the Academy. To view the minutes of the meetings, please click on the link below:

Marlfields Spring Term 2018

Marlfields Summer Term 2018

Marlfields Autumn Term 2018

In addition to the Full Governing Boards meetings there are 4 sub-committees with duties delegated from the Governing Board.