Reception – Home Tasks

5th January 2021 – Due to the National Lockdown you will find your child’s remote learning tasks on Class Dojo – Portfolio section.


From Monday 15th June 2020, home-learning and in-school education will be posted on Class Dojo. For children in Reception work will follow the timetable below, which includes daily English and Maths with an additional subject such as: science, history, geography or art through a theme for the week. It is expected that completed work will be submitted by either uploading a file or sharing a photograph of the work. This communication will support your child’s education and ensure they continue their learning journey successfully. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Home Learning Tasks 8th June

Home Learning Tasks 1st June

This week our Family Learning Project is all about Congleton.

Keep going onto the Phonics lessons to support your child’s phonics.

Please make time to join this event. NSPCC Facebook page

Please continue to use BBCBitesize to support Power Maths and use TTRockstar. Remember to keep other skills going – scroll down to find the links to Sir Linkalot and join in the fun spelling activities, download free reading books online for your class ( or you could pick one from another class) and follow the daily lessons on BBCBitesize for other subjects. Please remember to post pictures and work on Class Dojo- teachers are in school this week so if you need to contact us we are available.

Home Learning Tasks 25th May

Take time to enjoy half term.

Remember to do daily phonics and reading. Play on Sir Linkalot.

Have a go at the English booklet below.

Home Learning Tasks for week beginning 18th May:

Colour and display your Thank You poster.

Remember to do your Phonics, have a go at reading books online, and get your Super Hero Costume ready.

Family Home Learning tasks for week beginning 11th May:

family-project-George’s Marvelous Medicine Download

Improve your spelling using this app Sir Linkalot

Family Home tasks for week beginning 4th May:

Letters and Sounds for Home:

Letters and Sounds for home is a you tube channel. This resource is designed by experts for use by parents and carers during the Covid-19 period. New lessons will be uploaded every weekday, and will be available to watch, throughout the summer term.

Daily lesson upload times are: 10am – Reception – Most suitable for children who can blend and read words such as ‘fish’, ‘chat’ and ‘rain’ 10:30am – Year 1 – Most suitable for children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’, ‘chair’ and ‘green’ 11am – Learning to Blend – extra blending practise.

Just follow the link below:

Play School TV:

More than ever, we and our young children need – Inspiration, Vitality, and Acceptance – and I’m hoping in its simple way, Play School TV is a welcome and very large spoonful of all three. Created with young children in mind, and based on the play principles, Play School TV will feature daily 5-minute episodes, all of which are focused around the little things in life. Just follow the link below:

Home tasks for week beginning 27th April:

Have a go at the daily phonics and Play School TV.

We have a family learning pack for the week based on George’s Marvelous Medicine, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Family learning activity – watch part one Jackanory part 1

Choose your activities from the link below:

We all enjoyed the Music last week so lets keep it going. Please continue to join in the daily sing on you tube.

Daily Big Sing

Home Pentathlon:

Why not have a go at a Home Pentathlon. It is simple, minimal and easy. We encourage everyone in the household to take part in the Home Pentathlon (where possible) but all activity must take place under adult supervision. Click on the links below:

Home tasks for week beginning 20th April:

‘Home’ lessons for MUSIC this week. Please join in with the daily sing and visit your youtube.

Daily Big Sing

Below are some guides, links, and activities to help you with home learning:

Easter 6th – 20th April – home based for Family Learning during the Easter break. Click the link below:

Zoom Catch Up Meetings:

Literacy / Art Project Based Task

The children’s current Spring Term topic is Fairy Tales.  Enjoy reading a selection of fairy tale stories or watch on You Tube.  The children to decide which is their favourite fairy tale story and create a shoe box stage with puppets to retell and act out their favourite fairy tale story.  Record the children retelling their story on an ipad or smart phone and send in using email: play a phase 2 interactive game every day – choose from Buried Treasure, Dragon’s Den, Picnic on Pluto, or Pick a Picture. 

Reading – 20 minutes a day and high frequency word keyring.


There are a selection of maths based activities based on number and shape on the website: then follow the Early Years link at the side of the page for these games – play a number or shape based game a day.