Class 6 – Summer Term


This term we are studying the Maya civilisation who lived in Central America from around 2600BC.


For our Pathways to Read sessions we will be using The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

We will start the term by writing an adventure story using The Explorer as a model text. We will be using a variety of books, extracts and films to write a non-chronological report. The children will be demonstrating what they have learnt in several independent pieces.


This term Maths’ lessons will begin with a unit on algebra. We will then learn about imperial and metric measures as well as perimeter, area and volume. After ½ term we will look at ratio and proportion, statistics and properties of shapes.

It is important that the children continue to play TTRockstars to keep their skills sharp.


During this term our Science sessions will be about the Living things and their habitats. We will be describing how living things are classified into broad groups according to their characteristics. We will study the modern method of classifying living things invented by Carl Linnaeus.


Our History based topic this term is The Maya. We will look at using evidence and what we can discover from Maya ruins. The children will research how the Maya were a clever and sophisticated society. In Geography, we will study the physical and human features of Central America.

Art/Design & Technology

In art the children will be producing paintings of the Amazon rainforest in the style of Henri Rousseau. Our DT project will be based on Maya textiles and food.


This term we are learning about data. The children will learn how computing is applied to real world contexts including designing programs to collect data.


Our lessons in music will be focussed on listening with attention to detail. The children will appreciate a range of music from different composers and musicians.


During the term, we will be learning about The 5 Pillars of Islam and how Muslims express their beliefs through prayer. We will then look at faiths in everyday life and the community.