Class 6 – Summer Term – Home Tasks

Just a few days left until the Summer Holidays!!!

Home Learning Tasks 13th July

For our final week we would like you to continue with the lessons on BBCBitesize and to up load your work to our Class Dojo Portfolio pages. The BBC continue to support children with their learning by setting lessons for week beginning 20th July but school will be closed at this point and parents can choose whether they want their child to continue to access the service over the summer. Maintaining learning over the summer will be a benefit to the children in September.

Thank you for those that have loaded work onto Class Dojo, I have enjoyed seeing what the children have been doing. I will miss them all next year.

This week we are challenging you to join in Sports Day at Home:

  • Standing long jump. (Equipment – tape measure to measure distance)
  • Bean bag/tennis ball throw (Equipment – 5 tennis balls and hoop roll from different distances into a hoop or area)
  • Skipping – how many skips in 60 seconds
  • Football Challenge – (How many toe taps on top of the ball in a minute)
  • Balance Challenge – ( how many 10m walks can you do without dropping the object from your head)
  • Throwing Challenge ( 20 throws from 5 big steps away how many times can you knock object over e.g. wickets or big ball off a cone or a some water bottles!

You can do the events on Monday and Tuesday to take part in the Sports Day events at home, then send videos and scores in via your Class Dojo Portfolio platform.  

End of year reminders

Please could you return to school any Reading Books that you might still have a home. Also please return the Study Books for Maths and English that were part of the Revision Pack which your child had at the beginning of the year, you can obviously keep the work books.

Good luck for next year! We will miss you all but remember you are always welcome to pop back and say hello.

Wow Week 2 in school, how time is flying…..

We have had a busy week in school, completing the set work and loads of other things including making posters, designing leaflets for the School Council and even Nathan from Ministry4Sport coming in to teach PE lessons (socially distanced ones at that!). A busy but enjoyable first week!

Home Learning Tasks 6th July

For those children still at home please remember to download the timetable for BBC Bitesize and log onto the daily lessons. You should be posting completed work on our Class Dojo Portfolio page. Remember to complete your Power Maths Books, we are now working on Week 9 which is all about angles.

Monday 29th June Year 6 are back in the building!!!
I can’t wait see you at the walk in gate at 9 am!

Home Learning Tasks 29th June

Whilst some of you will be in school this week completing the set work, those of you at home are expected to complete the same work each day. Please look at the BBC Bitesize timetable below and complete the daily activities, posting your completed work on Class Dojo Portfolio or emailing it to school.

This week we will be working on Week 8 in our home learning Maths books. Log in to Class Dojo to see what work you need to post.

Remember for Maths, please go to the White Rose link for your lessons -upload your evidence to Class Dojo daily. This is the link you need

For those children coming back to school can I just remind you of a few housekeeping things: school drop off is between 9 – 9.15 am at the walk in gate by the football grounds; please bring a coat; bring a snack, packed lunch and water-bottle in a plastic bag ; remember to bring all your Home Learning Books in to school on Monday; put your sun cream on before leaving home; if you are walking home bring a permission note from your parents; home time is 3.10 pm.

All contact with the school should be via e-mail or telephone the school office.

Year 6 invitation to virtual evening from Eaton Bank.

Dear Parent/Carer

We hope this email finds you safe and well. As we are unable to hold our year 6 parents evening in school this year, we would like to invite you to our online parents evening to be held on Thursday 2nd July at 6pm.  

Please find attached the invite to the parents evening with instructions on the process. On the evening it is advised that you check you have access to the online platform Microsoft TEAMS. This can be downloaded on to a phone/laptop/computer prior to the event. You will then need to click on the link on the invite at the time of the event to access the meeting. 

Please be aware that any parent/carer who has the link will be able to access the meeting and parent initials/names entered may appear on screen or in the chat function. We request that all cameras and microphones be switched off and muted throughout the duration of the event. The meeting will be recorded. 

The meeting will begin with an introduction from our headteacher, Mr O’Neill as well as a presentation from myself with some useful information to support your child. We will also be introducing some key members of staff to you and your child such as the Year 7 Pastoral Manager, SENCO and form tutors.  

If you are unable to attend the meeting, we will share the recording with you after the event on our school website for viewing at a later date.  

We look forward to officially welcoming you all to Eaton Bank Academy. 

Mrs Andrews 

Year 7 Learning and Progress Manager

Home Learning Tasks 22nd June

As we get closer to coming back into school we have been asked to remind you to post your work on our Class Dojo Portfolio so we can evidence that you have engaged in learning at home. I am really looking forward to seeing you all and planning some exciting activities when we are back in class. This week we would like you to access BBCBitesize lessons as outlined on the time table below.

Remember for maths, please go to the White Rose link for your lessons -upload your evidence to Class Dojo daily. This is the link you need

This week you should be working on Week 7 in Your Home Learning Power Maths Book.

Remember to look on Class Dojo – it tells you what you need to post for each lesson. You can also share photographs of the things that you have been doing…going cycling…visiting the zoo… anything you want to share.

Join in Children in Need Design a Duck Competition

From Monday 15th June 2020, home-learning and in-school education will be posted on Class Dojo. Work will follow the BBC Bitesize timetable on this page and will include daily English and Maths with an additional subject such as: science, history, geography or art. Your Class teacher will give further instructions about tasks via Dojo. It is expected that all completed work will be submitted by either uploading a file or sharing a photograph of the work. This communication will support your child’s education and ensure they continue their learning journey successfully.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please take time to join this event. NSPCC Facebook page

Home Learning Tasks 1st June

Hope you had a lovely half term, enjoying the fantastic weather! This week we have a family Learning Project all about Congleton. We would also like you to join in the opportunities for singing with Young Voices- see link below.

Please continue to use BBCBitesize to support Power Maths and use TTRockstar. Remember to keep other skills going – scroll down to find the links to Sir Linkalot and join in the fun spelling activities, download free reading books online for your class ( or you could pick one from another class) and follow the daily lessons on BBCBitesize for other subjects. Please remember to post pictures and work on Class Dojo- teachers are in school this week so if you need to contact us we are available.

Home Learning Tasks 25th May

Please take time to enjoy half term.

This week we are asking you to visit BBCBitesize for Maths and daily lessons. Use the link below to access Sir Linkalot spelling and email your thoughts as to if this would be useful to use in school next year.

Chose a book to read from the link further down the page to read and review and then complete the English leaflet below.

Home Learning Tasks 18th May


All Y6 children have been asked to write a letter to the headteacher of the Congleton secondary school they will be attending (EBA or CHS).  The letters will be collated by the Miss Carr and then send to the relevant headteacher/school before schools finish for Whit Half Term. 

The letter you write should include:-

A photograph, home address (so the head can reply to you), details of your interests/hobbies, any out of school activities you attend, your aspirations, details of your successes from Y6, what you are looking forward to in Y7 and anything you are worried about moving up to secondary school.

Please return your letter by post, hand delivered to school between 9-3pm or via e-mail to by Friday 22nd May. Any questions please ask Miss Carr on Class Dojo.

What will you do to say thank you? Why not colour the poster below and load onto Class Dojo profile pages.

Maths – Please follow the Bitesize and White Rose timetables, then complete the corresponding Power Maths Home Learning Book lesson.

Home learning 11th May 2020

Improve your spelling with this new spelling pack by Sir Linkalot

ALSO: Why not sign up for the “Virtual School Games

Supporting children’s well-being is important during lock-down. Please share this e-book with your child.

Home tasks for week beginning 27th April

This week we are asking children and parents to look at the work for their class on BBC Bitesize. The BBC is delivering an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers – helping to keep children learning and supporting parents.   

You can down load your learning programme for the week using the following link so you know what you are doing each day. We’d like you to have a go at the daily activities but remember you can still do My Maths, TTRockstar, and IDL along side these activities.

We have a family learning pack for the week based on George’s Marvelous Medicine, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Family learning activity – watch part one Jackanory part 1

Choose your activities from the list below:

We all enjoyed the Music last week so lets keep it going. Please continue to join in the daily sing on you tube.

Daily Big Sing

Home Pentathlon:

Why not have a go at a Home Pentathlon. It is simple, minimal and easy. We encourage everyone in the household to take part in the Home Pentathlon (where possible) but all activity must take place under adult supervision. Click on the links below:

Home tasks for week beginning 20th April.

‘Home’ lessons for MUSIC this week. Please join in with the daily sing and visit your youtube.

Daily Big Sing