Class 6 – Spring Term

Happy New Year!


This term is going to be fast and furious so I hope everyone is well rested after the holidays and ready to work hard.
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Our main history topic this term is exploring the Ancient Maya civilization, this will be linked to our geography work for the term which will focus on exploring the Americas. Throughout the topic we will look at the evidence the Maya left behind and how their culture and beliefs impacted on their society. We will investigate their social system, education and religion. This is a cross curricular topic which will include art and design as well as linking to Maths and English. Our computing aspect of this topic is linked to research and presenting information in different ways.


This term we will focus a lot on preparing the children for SATs. This means that we will do a lot of preparation work for writing moderation, covering a range of texts and ensuring our writing meets the national expectations for year 6. We will also look at how to approach the Reading and SPaG papers. This means the children will have more focused lessons and homework to support their revision as they will be tested on work from across the Key Stage. Please support your child to complete Reading , Spelling and Grammar homework this term.


As in English we will be working towards preparing the children for SAT tests. We will continue to follow the Year 6 curriculum which will include aspects of algebra, geometry and statistics this term as well as revisiting calculation skills, decimals, fractions and percentages. Please support your child with homework tasks, learning their times tables and mathematical facts.

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This term out RE  topic will involve exploring themes linked to  the life of Jesus and Easter.

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This term we will study Evolution and impact of the Scientist Charles Darwin on our understanding of the world as well as a unit of work on Electricity.


We continue to build on social skills and developing our understanding of rights and responsibilities. We will continue to support children to children to recognise their emotions and their needs; looking at the needs of others and how our behaviours impact on the wider community.

Image result for mayan masks for kidsART / DT We will link our art work to our topics and this term we will look at drawing and 3D sculpture linked to our work on the Maya.

Music This year children will access Charanga online music lessons. We will work on songs for Easter.
MFL In the Spring Term we will investigate opportunities to listen and speak key phrase based around the topics of ‘What’s the time?’, ‘Now and Then’ as well as a short unit on poetry.


This is an important term for the children and any support you can give your child will help them to feel confident and well prepared for the SATs in May. There are a number of things you can do to support at home: ensure that a routine is set up for homework and revision; have a quiet space to work; do a little work each night so that it is planned and not left to the last minute; use the revision guides and websites that we recommend to support working at home; encourage your child to discuss any issues before the work is due in so they can have help at lunchtimes; hand in work on time for marking and finally remember to keep up with daily reading and spelling work.

Recommended sites for revision are :







Below are a few web pages you can use for additional revision.