Class 5 – Summer Term

1st half term- Planet Earth

2nd half term- Ancient Greece

Learning in Year 5

English: To begin with, we will be writing poetry and linking our writing with “Shackleton’s Journey” by William Grill. We will also be working with Teachinglivenet on a weekly basis, who deliver interactive writing sessions by Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell and John Sutton. This sequence of live lessons harnesses the latest blogging technology to give all of the children a global audience for their writing. We will then move onto discussion writing and story writing.

There will also be stand-alone spelling, grammar and handwriting lessons during the week.

For whole class reading, we will continue to follow ‘Pathways to Read’ and the children will access this daily. To start with we will be studying ‘The Last Wild’ by Piers Torday and ‘Pollution: A Look Behind The Scene’ by The Literacy Company.

Computing: In computing, the children will be completing a unit of work on microbits. Then, they will be looking at Mars Rover 2, developing their CAD skills and learning to understand how image data is transferred.

Problem Solving and Reasoning about Numbers

Maths: This term’s lessons will initially consist of revision lessons followed by: multiplication and division using mental and formal written methods; comparing and ordering fractions, as well as adding, subtracting and multiplying them; comparing, ordering and rounding decimals; finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Times tables will be a clear focus throughout this term.

Science: This term we will be starting our new topic on Forces where we will look at gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Year 5 will recognise that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a smaller force to have a greater effect Following this, we will be looking at life cycles.

Music: The children will continue to experience lessons taught through our music scheme, ‘Charanga’.

Art/ Design Technology – We will be exploring Impressionism and finding out about Monet’s life. We will look at some of his most famous works of art, as well as putting our own creative spin on these Impressionist masterpieces through a variety of Monet art activities, such as recreating his famous ‘Haystacks’ series.

In Design Technology we will be investigating cam mechanisms and toys that contain them. We will discover how different shaped cams can alter the movement of the follower and how to create a sturdy structure using a variety of tools and techniques, before having the chance to design, make and evaluate their own moving toy with a cam mechanism.

In the second half term, we will be turning into aspiring interior designers to research, analyse, design, make and evaluate a ‘funky’ cushion cover, using their developing knowledge of and skills in a variety of sewing techniques for joining and decorating fabric.

Topic- We will be continuing with the theme of ‘Planet Earth’ for this first half term, where we will be finding out about the significance of Ernest Shackleton’s journey across Antarctica ,as well as looking at the physical features of the earth such as mountains. We will be using maps of the UK and World to study: time zones, longitude and latitude, hemispheres, rivers and biomes.

In the second half of the term we will be studying Ancient Greece.

PSHE: This term we will be using the ‘myHappymind for Schools Programme’ to give all the children the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world. The children learn about the brain and are given strategies to keep their bodies and minds healthy and happy.

R.E: This term’s focus will be on Christianity. The children will know the key features of Christian worship and describe ways of belonging to a community. They will also use technical vocabulary to describe the parts, function and message of worship. Finally, they will recognise that the values and commitments affect the way that people live and make links with their own behaviour.

P.E: The children’s P.E. sessions will be on a Wednesday afternoon and a Thursday morning. Wednesdays will be athletics/tennis sessions and Thursday will be a swimming session. Please ensure that your child comes into school wearing an outdoor P.E. kit. on a Wednesday. For Thursday’s swimming, your child should arrive in school wearing a P.E kit with swimwear underneath; they should also bring a bag containing a swimming hat, towel, underwear and a water bottle.

Homework: English, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out weekly.   Reading at home needs to be daily, with parents listening and questioning their child about what they have read each day. Children will keep their planners in school and will fill them in every morning with details of the previous night’s reading. Studio on TTRockstars  and Nessy needs to be completed at least 3x every week.

Join in Children in Need Design a Duck Competition

From Monday 15th June 2020, home-learning and in-school education will be posted on Class Dojo. Work will follow the BBC Bitesize timetable on this page and will include daily English and Maths with an additional subject such as: science, history, geography or art. Your Class teacher will give further instructions about tasks via Dojo. It is expected that all completed work will be submitted by either uploading a file or sharing a photograph of the work. This communication will support your child’s education and ensure they continue their learning journey successfully.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please make time to join this event. NSPCC Facebook page

Home Learning Tasks 1st June

This week we have created a Family Learning Project on Congleton. We would like you also to have a go at the singing opportunities with Young Voices- see links below.

Please continue to use BBCBitesize to support Power Maths and use TTRockstar. Remember to keep other skills going – scroll down to find the links to Sir Linkalot and join in the fun spelling activities, download free reading books online for your class ( or you could pick one from another class) and follow the daily lessons on BBCBitesize for other subjects. Please remember to post pictures and work on Class Dojo- teachers are in school this week so if you need to contact us we are available.

Home Learning Tasks 25th May

Please take time to enjoy half term.

This week we are asking you to visit BBCBitesize for Maths (linked to Home Power Maths book) and daily activities. Use the previous link to Sir Linkalot and have a go at learning new spellings then let us know what you think about the app – would it be useful for next year?

Remember to read something from the recommended reading list – link given previously. Complete the English booklet below.

Home Learning Tasks 18th May

What will you do to say Thank You? Why not post something on our Dojo Profile pages or colour and display the poster below.

Don’t forget to have a go at Sir Linkalot, get your costume ready for Super Hero day and visit BBCbitesize for daily lessons…

Home Learning tasks w/c 11th May 2020

Maths – Please follow the Bitesize and White Rose timetables, then complete the corresponding Power Maths Home Learning Book lesson.

Practise your timetables on TTRockstars and complete any work set on mymaths.

Improve your spelling with this new spelling app Sir Linkalot

Home Learning w/c 4th May 2020

ALSO: Why not sign up for the “Virtual School Games

Supporting children’s well-being is important during lock-down. Please share this e-book with your child.

Home tasks for week beginning 27th April

This week we are asking children and parents to look at the work for their class on BBC Bitesize. The BBC is delivering an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers – helping to keep children learning and supporting parents.   

You can down load your learning programme for the week using the following link so you know what you are doing each day. We’d like you to have a go at the daily activities but remember you can still do My Maths, TTRockstar, and IDL along side these activities.

We have a family learning pack for the week based on George’s Marvelous Medicine, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Family learning activity – watch part one Jackanory part 1

Choose your activities from the list below:

We all enjoyed the Music last week so lets keep it going. Please continue to join in the daily sing on you tube.

Daily Big Sing

Home Pentathlon:

Why not have a go at a Home Pentathlon. It is simple, minimal and easy. We encourage everyone in the household to take part in the Home Pentathlon (where possible) but all activity must take place under adult supervision. Click on the links below:

Home tasks week beginning 20th April

‘Home’ lessons for MUSIC this week. Please join in with the daily sing and visit your youtube.

Daily Big Sing

Other ideas for home tasks:

  • Write a diary – in the future this will be a significant time in history, that your grand-children will learn about in school. Your diary entries could be used as evidence from this time. Include events of your day as well as your own personal thoughts and feelings.
  • Read different types of texts – magazines, newspapers, non-fiction books, etc.
  • Create a treasure hunt around your garden for your mum or dad to complete.
  • Play board games with your family.
  • Make your own board game – design the board and write out the rules.
  • Help your parents with day to day jobs, cleaning, cooking, washing the dishes – make sure you ask first.
  • Do some baking, weighing out ingredients is a great way to practice your Maths skills.
  • Tidy your bedroom.
  • Learn to knit, crochet or sew.
  • Play a card game or learn a new one.