Class 5 – Spring Term




To begin with, we will be finishing off our non-chronological reports. We will then move onto discussion writing and story writing. Later on in the term, we will be reading “Phoenix” by SF Said and “Shackleton’s Journey” by William Grill. There will also be stand-alone spelling, grammar and handwriting lessons during the week.

For whole class reading, we will continue to follow ‘Pathways to Read’ and the children will access this daily.


This term Maths’ lessons will consist of: multiplication and division using mental and formal written methods; calculating area and perimeter; comparing and ordering fractions, as well as adding, subtracting and multiplying them; comparing, ordering and rounding decimals; finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Times tables will be a clear focus throughout the year.


This term we will finish off our last few sessions on materials, before focusing on Space and forces. We will look at the planets, how night and day is formed and the phases of the moon. Following this, we will look at gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction.


During the first week back in school, we will complete our last two lessons on the Vikings.

Our theme this term is ‘Planet Earth’. To begin with, we will be completing a short unit of work on Rivers. After that, we will be finding out about the significance of Ernest Shackleton’s journey across Antarctica as well as looking at the physical features of the earth such as mountains. We will be using maps of the UK and World to study: time zones, longitude and latitude, hemispheres, mountains and rivers, biomes and rivers.


First, we will complete our clay Viking work from before Christmas, which I know the children will really enjoy. O We will be linking our art unit of work with our work on Planet Earth and the children will know how to use line, tone, shape and colour to represent movement and depth. The will use a range of media to create mood and feeling.


In computing, the children will be completing a unit of work on microbits before moving onto a unit of work about search engines. The children will be able explain what a search engine is, suggesting several search engines to use and how to use them to find websites and information. Children will also suggest that things online are not always true.


The children will continue to experience lessons taught through our music scheme, ‘Charanga’ where we will be  discussing the features and structure of a pop ballad and learn to sing/clap in the style of Hip Hop.


This term’s focus will be Judaism – Places of Worship and Jesus’ teaching & its impact on people.


We will be investigating why ocean plastic is a key issue and how this affects them as individuals, communities and the environment.

The children will understand if news reports are based on fact, opinion or if they are biased. Later on in the term, we will be looking at different job roles, understanding why someone might choose a certain career and know and the different routes they can take towards a particular career.


The children’s P.E. sessions will be on a Thursday and a Friday. Thursday will be dance session and Friday will be tag rugby session. Please ensure that your child comes into school on these days wearing their P.E. kit.


English, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out weekly.  When online homework is set, if the children have no home access, they will be expected to complete this in school during their lunchtimes. Reading at home needs to be daily, with parents listening and questioning their child about what they have read each day. Children will keep their planners in school and will fill them in daily with details of the previous night’s reading. Studio on TTRockstars needs to be completed at least 3x every week.