Class 5 – Autumn Term 2021


This term our topic will be ‘Invaders and Settlers’ with a particular focus on the ‘Vikings’.


Using our class text, Beowulf, by Michael Morpurgo, we will immerse ourselves in the writer’s style, analysing and unpicking his sentence structures and language used to invent our own pieces of writing. We will then move onto looking at other texts, linked to our topic on The Vikings, where possible, and complete lots  of creative writing pieces.

We will be following a scheme of work for whole class reading called ‘Pathways to Read’ and the children will access this daily. Already, the children are showing enjoyment in what they have read and progress in their inference skills.


We begin the term by building on the children’s knowledge and understanding of place value and in particular, their ability to reason and problem solve around the topic area.

The children will then move onto addition and subtraction. The children will apply the formal methods of addition and subtraction to numbers with up to 5 digits.

In the next unit on graphs and tables, the children will build on statistics work from years 3 and 4. The work covered will also allow children to apply their knowledge of place value and number operations to solve simple problems based on the data presented in tables and line graphs. Children will look at examples of line graphs and dual line graphs. For the first time, children will also make, complete and interpret two-way times tables.

All children will continue learning their times tables up to 12×12.


Our topic this term is Invaders and Settlers. We will learn all about the raids and invasions by Vikings in Anglo-Saxon Britain. The children will learn who the Vikings were as well as when and where they raided and settled. They will learn about significant events from the period and order these chronologically on a timeline. The children will find out about the Anglo-Saxon kings who ruled during the ‘Viking Age’ and examine their influence and significance in British history. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of everyday Viking life. They will explore the types of houses that the Vikings lived in, what clothes they wore and even what types of food they ate.


This term, our Science topic will be ‘Properties and changes of materials’. Children will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets. They will also be experimenting to find out which materials dissolve in a liquid to form a solution, and will find out how to recover a substance from a solution.


The children will continue to experience lessons taught through our music scheme, ‘Charanga’. Some children will also access music lessons through Love Music Trust after half term.

Art/Design and Technology

This term the children will be looking at Viking art and, in particular, they will be making Viking jewellery and Viking longboats. We will also be making our own moving toys and trying out some cooking.


The children will continue to use ICT as part of their everyday lessons; however, this term we will be looking at designing, writing and debugging programs to accomplish specific goals. The children will be able to explain how some simple algorithms work, and be able to detect and correct errors. The children will continue to learn about online safety.


During this term the children will learn how to recognise their worth as individuals and develop their ability to face new challenges positively. Anti-bullying week is held from 15th-19th of November with a theme being, ‘One Kind Word’ and we will be looking at diversity and respect later on in this term.


This term we will be starting by looking at how different religions use sacred books. We will be concentrating on Islam, in particular.

The children will also be learning about Values and Beliefs for Christians and Harvest. They will be comparing these to their own values and beliefs as well as looking at what is important to them. We will also be learning about Christian charities and Christmas.


Swimming at Sandbach Leisure Centre will take place on a Tuesday afternoon: your child will need to come to school beach ready with a towel and underwear in a bag.  Football and netball skills will be taught on a Friday. Your child is expected to come into school in their school tracksuits and trainers on both of these days and be prepared for all weathers, as lessons will be taking place outside as much as possible.


All children are expected to read to an adult for 20 minutes every day and planners need to be signed by an adult each evening. Planners will be checked off each morning and Class Dojos will be awarded. New spellings will be given out on a Friday and should be practised daily, ready for a test the following Friday. TT Rockstars should be completed on a daily basis and this should take no more than 10 minutes. Maths and English/Topic homework will be set on a Friday with the expectation that it will be completed by the following Wednesday. All homework tasks will be set on Google Classroom and the expectation is that it will be returned on Google Classroom too.