Class 4 – Spring Term

What a Wonderful  Term we have we planned!

This term most of our work will be based on our topic on The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China.


This term begins with the well-known poem ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ by William Wordswoth. The children will explore its structure, form and language features in order to create their own version inspired by the original.

Our class text this term is ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman. Through reading, we will discuss and record words and phrases that the author uses to engage and impact on the reader, make predictions based on details and information that the children have deduced and identify where the author has made precise word choices for impact and effect. Our narrative writing will explore the themes of both quest writing and tales of fear, from which we will focus on the use of fronted adverbials, speech punctuation and the use of noun phrases, expanded by adding modified adjectives and prepositional phrases.

The non-fiction units on explanation texts and non-chronological reports will link closely to our topic this term.


We begin the term with a unit on measurement, paying particular attention to length and perimeter. The children will learn to calculate the perimeter of both rectangles and rectilinear shapes. They will find missing measurements and calculate from diagrams without grids.

In our multiplication and division units, the children will consolidate their prior knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 before moving on to using facts from the 6,7 9,11, and 12 times tables in order to both multiply and divide. We will also learn how to multiply both 2 and 3 digit numbers by a single digit, learn about factor pairs, understand and use written methods and solve correspondence problems. The children will continue to develop their ability to quickly recall and derive times table facts for all of the tables up to 12 x 12.

This term we will also explore the term ‘area’ through counting squares, making shapes and comparing.


We begin the spring term by learning about the digestive system and how our bodies function. The children will also learn about our teeth and their role, as well as how they are affected by decay. The second half of the term will see us investigating living things and their habitats. During this unit we will learn how to classify living things and create classification keys.



This term we focus on the Christian faith, exploring parables and why Jesus told them and their relevance to our lives today. We will also explore what people believe about creation and how we should look after our world.


The children will be developing their ability to use logical reasoning when debugging and explaining how simple algorithms work. We will also be using software packages to create classification keys to support our work in science.


This term we will focus on exploring the geographical attributes of China and its neighbouring countries. We will explore how the area was used to farm and how it has developed since the Shang Dynasty. We will also link to our science topic as we explore how our local environment has changed over time and how these changes impact living things and their habitats.

Our study of the Shang Dynasty will lead us to explore their successes and achievements, rulers, culture and beliefs, and the lasting impact they have had on Western society. The children will specifically focus on what archaeological discoveries tell us about the period and how they developed their own system for writing using bones!


Mrs Guilford will continue to deliver art and design lessons this term. There will be a focus on creating pieces linked to our topic, exploring and investigating famous artists and evaluating their work. The children will experience a range of mediums and select from a variety of techniques in their work.


The children have been making steady progress with their instrument lesson. This term, the children will develop their ability to read standard notation and play with greater clarity and expression.


Swimming lesson continue this term; however, they will now take place on a Wednesday afternoon instead of a Thursday morning. Please ensure that your child’s kit is clearly labelled with their name. The children are also expected to have both an indoor and outdoor P.E kit in school at all times.


As we embark on a new year, the children will be encouraged to think about goals and ambitions that they want to set for themselves. The children will also learn about making informed choices and how they can have both positive and negative consequences. From this the children will explore the term ‘balanced lifestyle’. We will also develop the children’s understanding that there are basic human rights shared by all peoples and all societies and that children have their own special rights set out in the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child


This term, the children will learn about schools in France. As well as this being an opportunity to develop their cultural knowledge, the children will also learn key vocabulary and phrases relating to the school day.


The children are expected to read to an adult for 20 minutes every day. Please make sure that you initial their planner each time so that they can be entered into the school raffle. Spellings and times tables should be practiced daily for 10 minutes. Spellings will be in the children’s planners on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Times tables will be tested on a Tuesday. Maths and English homework will be set on Friday with the expectation that it will be completed by the following Wednesday. Some tasks will be set online and you will find their username and password in their planner.

Dates for your diary

28.01.2018 – ECO Club Green Flag Renewal

05.02.2018 – Safer Internet Day

11 & 13.02.2018 – Parents evenings

18  -22.02.2019 – Half Term

28.02.2018 – Tattenhall Residential

8-18.02.2018 – Science Week

19.03.2019 – Singfest Concert.

05.04.2018 – End of Spring Term

23.04.2019 – School Opens for Summer Term

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