Class 4 – Autumn Term

Autumn Term in Year 4



English: We begin the term by discovering the poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah. The children will learn the importance of performing poetry and write their own based on the studied structure and form. Linking to our Roman topic we will explore myths such as Romulus and Remus and take stimulus for our writing from the novel ‘The Poisoned Honey Cake’. During our writing sessions the children will reinforce the grammatical terms covered I year 3 as well as being introduced to fronted adverbials and secure their ability to punctuate speech accurately.

Our non-fiction topics will cover instructions and newspaper recounts.


Maths: We begin the term by building on the children’s knowledge and understanding of place value and in particular, their ability to reason and problem solve around the topic area. During this unit the children will also be introduced to Roman numerals and negative numbers.

The children will now move on to addition and subtraction with 4 digit numbers. They will learn how to choose the most appropriate strategy for a calculation both with and without an exchange. We will also explore effective ways to estimate and develop the ability to check answer accurately.

In the unit on measurement the children will learn to understand kilometres as a unit of measure and find the perimeter or irregular 2D and rectilinear shapes.

The children will consolidate their ability to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 and will begin to learn the 6,7 and 9 times tables

Science: Our topic on electricity will see the children investigating circuits using bulbs, switches, and buzzers. They will understand how and why a complete circuit is needed as well as exploring electrical insulators and conductors. The children will learn about states of matter and explore how materials can change state in solids, liquids and gases. We will pay particular attention to the water cycle, including evaporation and condensation.

Music: Throughout the year the children will have their music lessons delivered by Love Music Trust. The children will not only be learning to play a tuned instrument, but will also experience reading standard notation. Please ensure that your child has their instrument in school every Monday.

Modern Foreign Language – French Building on their prior learning from year three, the children will begin to develop their ability to hold simple conversations. We will also explore language patterns using song and rhyme.

Art/Design and Technology – The children’s development in this area will continue to be supported by our resident artist Mrs Guildford. The children will continue to use a range of techniques to create pieces based on our class topic and will link to our science unit on electricity, designing and creating table lamps.

Geography – Using maps and atlases, the children will locate the Roman empire, in particular looking at why the Romans choose to settle in the areas they id based on our geographical knowledge. We will also compare how these areas have changed over time.

History –  What did the Romans ever do for us? Our journey through time sees us exploring what life was like during Roman times and in particular how it impacted Britain. From Caesar’s first attempted invasion in 55-54 BC to Boudicca and the British resistance, the children will use historical enquiry to discover why this period was such an important part of Britain’s heritage.

Information Communication Technology: This term we will build on the children’s experience of creating simple programs by focusing on debugging and creating a series of instruction which include loops and repetition using ‘Scratch’ software.

During this term the children will learn how recognise their worth as individuals and develop their ability to face new challenges positively. Anti-bullying week is held from 12th-16th of November with a theme of respect.

R.E: We begin by focusing on the Jewish religion and specifically Jewish life and customs. The second half term explores Christianity and how beliefs are depicted through art.

P.E: Swimming lesson will take place on a Thursday morning. Please ensure that your child’s kit is clearly labelled with their name. The children are also expected to have both an indoor and outdoor P.E kit in school at all times.

Homework: The children are expected to read at home to an adult for 20 minutes every day. Please make sure that you initial their planner each time so that they can be entered into the school raffle. Spellings and times tables should be practiced daily for 10 minutes. Spellings will be in the children’s planners on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Times tables will be tested on a Wednesday. Maths and English homework will be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Where homework is set online, you will find your child’s username and password in their planner.