Class 3 – Summer Term

Summer Term in Year 3
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The Tudors & Exploration


This term English will be taught by Mrs Daley. The focus will continue to be writing in different genres including; building suspense, discussions both written and oral, fiction writing ‘A Tale of Quest’ and finally explanation texts. Within our English lessons there will be a daily focus on grammar and punctuation, some of these will be standalone activities but eventually linking into the children’s daily writing to help them develop into excellent writers. We will continue to learn weekly spellings, these will be set on a Monday and tested on a Friday.

Reading regularly is the most effective way for children to improve their writing. I would like all children to read at home most days and a variety of text types. If your child needs any guidance in choosing books, then please visit our school website English page where there are recommended reads for Year 3.


This term Maths’ lessons will consist of: fractions of shapes and amounts, adding and subtracting and equivalents; measurements – length, mass and time; 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.

The children will continue to use TTRockstars to learn their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables (at least 4x per week at home, 20 minutes please). Regular practice is required in order for the children to instantly recall their multiplication facts.


The first ½ term we will be focussing on plants – what they need to grow, the roles of different parts and the requirements for growth. We will complete experiments to explore different conditions for growing and how water is transported within plants. In the 2nd ½ term we will focus on light – recognising that we need light to see, exploring how light can be reflected and what happens when we block light.


We will be studying the United Kingdom & Europe this term. We will learn about countries, cities and counties within the UK & Europe.


During the term linked to our Geography, we will be looking at Congleton during the Tudor times. This will include a visit to Little Moreton Hall. We will also learn about Tudor exploration around the world.


The children will be using digital mapping to link with our geography mapping skills.


During the Spring term, the children will be doing art with Mrs Guildford. She will be introducing them to a range of different mediums linked to our Geography and History topics.

Design & Technology:

We will be making mini greenhouses so that we can grow herbs linked to the Tudors. The children will also have food technology sessions with Mrs Barnes.


The children will be learning to play the recorder and play the song Greensleeves which was composed by Henry VIII.


Our focus for RE this term is Islam. We will learn about the different names for Allah and how Muslims create patterns rather than drawing animals or humans.


The children will continue to develop an understanding of their role in creating a safe and supportive environment in our school community. They will also be learning about handling and managing money in our enterprise week.


Swimming sessions this term will be every Thursday morning. We will also have PE sessions at other times so please ensure correct kit is in school daily, and clearly labelled with your child’s name.


English, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out weekly. Reading at home ideally needs to be daily, with parents listening and questioning their child about what they have read. It is expected that the children practice their times tables using TTRockstars at least 4x weekly. Please sign their planners weekly to show that your child has completed the homework tasks set.