Class 3 – Summer Term – Home Tasks

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From Monday 15th June 2020, home-learning and in-school education will be posted on Class Dojo. Work will follow the BBC Bitesize timetable on this page and will include daily English and Maths with an additional subject such as: science, history, geography or art. Your Class teacher will give further instructions about tasks via Dojo. It is expected that all completed work will be submitted by either uploading a file or sharing a photograph of the work. This communication will support your child’s education and ensure they continue their learning journey successfully.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Please make time to join this event. NSPCC Facebook page

Home Learning Tasks 1st June

This week we have created a Family Learning Project on Congleton. We would also like you to explore the singing opportunities with Young Voices – see links below.

Please continue to use BBCBitesize to support Power Maths and use TTRockstar. Remember to keep other skills going – scroll down to find the links to Sir Linkalot and join in the fun spelling activities, download free reading books online for your class ( or you could pick one from another class) and follow the daily lessons on BBCBitesize for other subjects. Please remember to post pictures and work on Class Dojo- teachers are in school this week so if you need to contact us we are available.

Home Learning Tasks 25th May

Home Learning Tasks 18th May

This week we would like you to access BBCBitesize for Maths (linked to home Power Maths Books) and daily lessons. Have a go at leaning new spellings using Sir Linkalot (link further down the page) and let us know what you think about the app. Would you like to use it next year?

Read something from your class reading list and complete the English booklet below.

How will you say Thank You? Colour a poster and post it on Class Dojo

Remember to have a go at Sir Linkalot, visit the BBCbitesize website and complete some of the lessons and for Maths – Please follow the Bitesize and White Rose timetables, then complete the corresponding Power Maths Home Learning Book lesson.

Home Learning Tasks 11th May 2020

Improve your spelling with this new app Sir Linkalot


ALSO: Why not sign up for the “Virtual School Games

Supporting children’s well-being is important during lock-down. Please share this e-book with your child.

Home tasks for week beginning 27th April

This week we are asking children and parents to look at the work for their class on BBC Bitesize. The BBC is delivering an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers – helping to keep children learning and supporting parents.   

You can down load your learning programme for the week using the following link so you know what you are doing each day. We’d like you to have a go at the daily activities but remember you can still do My Maths, TTRockstar, and IDL along side these activities.

We have a family learning pack for the week based on George’s Marvelous Medicine, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Family learning activity – watch part one Jackanory part 1

Choose your activities from the list below:

We all enjoyed the Music last week so lets keep it going. Please continue to join in the daily sing on you tube.

Daily Big Sing

Home Pentathlon:

Why not have a go at a Home Pentathlon. It is simple, minimal and easy. We encourage everyone in the household to take part in the Home Pentathlon (where possible) but all activity must take place under adult supervision. Click on the links below:

Home tasks for week beginning 20th April

‘Home’ lessons for MUSIC this week. Please join in the daily sing and watch your youtube.

Daily Big Sing

Easter 6-20th April – Family-project-Spring-time-1 

Please see the downloadable sheet above with a good chunk of activities on for your children to do.

If you have trouble accessing the internet or need activities for your children to do without the internet please see the ideas below.

  • Read together, this doesn’t have to be just reading books, it could be magazines, recipe books, anything that could develop those skills. Remember when reading ask your children questions about what they have just read.
  • Do an outdoor nature scavenger hunt, this doesn’t need to be in a big garden just a safe outdoor space by your home, the children will be able to see the beautiful signs of spring appearing at this time of year, as well as different types of plants flowers and animals including birds and mini beasts. Children could make a poster of what they have found.
  • Choose random items from around your house and write a story about them, you may have a special item at home that you could write about.
  • Play board games, if you don’t have many of these make one, either by drawing or even outside with twigs and natural materials, you could even make a new up using your imagination and create rules for it.
  • Although the government have given strict guidelines you are able to leave your house once a day for walk or to get exercise so take advantage of this. You could ask your parents to take picture of different stages of your walk so you can write about it or even draw a map of the way you have walked.
  • Remember Joe Wicks is doing an online PE lesson everyday if you have access to this is a good way to stay healthy and keep your mind busy.
  • Help your parents with day to day jobs, cleaning, cooking, washing the dishes – make sure you ask first.
  • Do some baking, weighing out ingredients is a great way to practice your Maths skills.
  • Tidy your bedroom, organise your toys.
  • Use your toys, clothes from your bedroom to create a shop, make some little cards with different amounts of money on. Another
  • great way to practice maths skills!
  • Write me a letter of what you have been up to, this will keep me smiling.

Most of all stay safe, my email is at the top of the downloadable document at the top of this page and of course you have access to class dojo where I will collect messages when I can.

Take care and I hope to see your smiling faces again soon

Mrs Daley