Class 3 – Spring Term

Spring Term in Year 3 Shake, Rattle & Roll   

This term English will continue to be taught daily. The focus will be writing in different genres including; story writing, letter writing, a poetry unit and non-chronological reports. We will continue to learn weekly spellings, these will be set on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Within our English lessons there will be focus on grammar and punctuation, starting with speech within their stories. Reading regularly is the most effective way for children to improve their writing. I would like all children to read at home most days and a variety of text types. If your child needs any guidance in choosing books, then please visit our school website English page where there are recommended reads for Year 3.

This term Maths’ lessons will consist of: addition & subtraction (mental and written calculations); multiplication & division (mental and written calculations); measurement (money) and statistics (interpret and present data using bar charts and pictograms). The children will continue to use TTRockstars to learn their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables (at least 3x per week at home). Regular practice is required in order for the children to instantly recall their multiplication facts.

Science: This term we will continue to learn about rocks and fossils, how they are formed and recognise that soils are made from rocks. We will then move on to studying forces and magnets. The children will look at a range of forces and their effects as well as magnetism.  

Geography: Our topic this term is “Shake, rattle and roll”. This will involve learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. We will look at what causes these natural disasters as well as where they happen and the affect they have on people’s lives.

Computing: The children will be looking at Data Handling linking it to other subjects across the curriculum. We will also be looking at programming and control.

Art: During the Spring Term the children will continue to use different techniques within their art work. The children will create some explosive art volcano painting linked to topic.

Design & Technology: The children will have food technology sessions with Mrs Barnes. In the classroom, children will create model volcanoes linked to topic.

Music: This term alongside Charanga we will create music to create different atmospheres as well as being involved with ‘Singfest’.

RE: Our focus for RE this term is Jewish Celebrations and Christianity – the Wider Church.

PSHCE: Our focus in our PSHCE sessions will be “Getting on and therefore hopefully not falling out.”

PE: Swimming sessions this term will be every Thursday morning. We will also have PE sessions at other times so please ensure correct kit is in school daily, and clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Homework: English, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out weekly. Reading at home ideally needs to be daily, with parents listening and questioning their child about what they have read. It is expected that the children practice their times tables using TTRockstars at least 3x weekly. Planners will be checked daily so please ensure they are signed when your child has read.

Uniform: Your child is expected to be in their correct uniform each day, details of this can be found on the website. Please make sure that every item of your child’s uniform, PE Kit and coat, are clearly labelled. This helps in returning it should your child lose an item.