Class 2 – Summer Term

Plants, People and Places

The children are really excited about our summer term as our topic; ‘Plants, People and Places,’ it is going to be fascinating. During the first half term we are going to begin by exploring local places, finding out about some of Congleton’s history and traditions. We will visit the town to learn more about our local history and geography. We will be contrasting Congleton’s geography with the city of Liverpool and the seaside.

During May our Year 2 pupils will complete their National Assessments (SATS). There are Reading and Maths test papers with writing being moderated from pieces of work completed in class. There is also an optional spelling and grammar paper. Pupils complete these tests in small groups and the results are used to support teacher assessment at the end of KS1.

Maths: During the first half of the summer term we will be focusing  on applying our arithmetic skills across all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will revisit fractions, measures, shapes and money.

There are many websites to help practice skills: Topmarks homework help, Teachingtime, teaching measures and also the booster packs and games on My Maths.  You can help your child by:

Counting up in 2s,5s,10s from 0, Counting on and back in 10s and 1s from any 2 digit number, telling the time (on a clock face), Adding and subtracting using money.

English: We will be covering a range of genres from narratives to instructions to information texts. Our information texts will help our readers to find out about Congleton, Liverpool and the Seaside. We will write letters and postcards. As always we will explore many stories and quality texts for Year 2 pupils.

Science : We will be exploring plants and humans and what they need to grow and survive. Our studies will involve practical activities such as growing plants and also observing a range of plants using microscopes.

We will be investigating and measuring our physical skills and also learning about how to eat healthily.

History/ Geography : We will be exploring local geography and comparing our country with countries around the world. We will use aerial maps and create maps (with keys) of routes to local areas.  During history lessons pupils will find out about significant national events linked to our local area- John Bradshaw, Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, World War 1 and the Industrial revolution. We will also compare towns, cities and the seaside.

Art and DT : We will be developing a range of art and DT skills during the Summer term. We will design kites for our trip to the seaside. We will also look at flowers in art- including Monet’s – ‘Waterlillies’ and  Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ .

ICT: Will be a central part to our studies. During our study of Congleton we will create bar charts/ Pie charts to demonstrate the types of shops in the main street. We will be programing online turtle and debugging programs to ensure they run. P.E:  PE sessions will focus developing our team game skills for the first half term then move onto improving athletics skills during the second half term .

Music:  We will be listening to music, responding to pieces and creating our own music. We will listen to pieces of music linked to our study of Liverpool.

PSHCE: Our focus this term will be around building our resilience, being able to support ourselves and each other.

RE: Pupils will be given the opportunity to explore Judaism beliefs and ways of life including the ten commandments and Shabbat.