Class 2 – Spring Term


Spring term in Year 2


Our topic during Spring  will be, ‘Inventors and Explorers ‘. The children are already excited about discovering who invented flight, cars and machines and are also keen to know more about who explored the Polar Regions.

This topic gives the pupils the opportunity to learn using a whole range of skills and also offers them the chance to create and invent their own ideas. 

Year 2 pupils are assessed in May via national assessments (SATs). These assess whether pupils are meeting their age-related expectation in Maths, English and Reading. Their science and spelling and grammar skills are also monitored. Please look out for the ‘Key Stage One Assessments- Information Meeting.’ During this meeting I will share examples of the assessments, information about how these are administered in school and provide guidance about how to support your child in demonstrating their ability.

Our timetable includes; spelling/ phonics, writing, handwriting and maths during the morning session and reading, science/art/topic/ PE/RE during the afternoons.

A few reminders :

Please could you check that all jumpers, coats and PE kits are named. (This should minimise lost property).

Many people are now using the cash-less system to pay for trips/ snacks however should you need to send money into school, please ensure it is in a sealed named envelope.

As always please come and see me if you have any further questions about your child in school.

Maths: During the Spring term we will be revisiting some key areas of mathematics covered in Autumn such as place value, addition and subtraction and how to represent number sentences.

Our main focus this term will be: money, multiplication, division and fractions. Pupils will be taught skills practically using objects to reason and problem solve, these will translate into jottings and recording maths sentences with understanding.

English:  Over the Spring term we will cover a range of fiction and non fiction texts. We will use books such as; The Dragon Machine, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, The Journey to support our writing and also use short video clips about inventions and explorers to inspire non-fiction texts. Our grammar and punctuation foci will be commas in lists, sentence types and past and present tense. I will be teaching the children how to edit and improve their writing by adding interesting verbs and adjectives, changing word choices and using accurate punctuation.

Reading: In school your child will read at least once a week and have a specific English lesson each week focusing on reading skills. We will cover all reading skills from: Unpicking vocabulary, inferring meaning, predicting the  next part of a story, explaining our views, retrieving information and sequencing events. Please read together at home and ask at the school office about ‘Munch and Crunch Reading Bunch’ morning reading in school.

Spelling: We will continue to follow the Year 2 Spellings guidance and phase 5 and 6 phonics . alongside some of the Year 2 spelling requirements, (homophones and plurals). Please continue to practise spellings at home using;’ Look, Cover, Write and Check’. This can be supported by using other strategies/ ideas –see homework file sheets.

Your child can also access IDL at home which supports spelling and reading online. Their passwords will be set up after initial assessment.

Science : Our science lessons will be very practical as we explore materials and their uses. We will investigate the suitability of materials for various purposes through experiments and investigations.

During science week we will be carrying out many investigations about how we can be more energy efficient. We will look at the sustainability of materials too.  

History/ Geography : We will use Explorers to learn about geography and will make use of maps, photos and ICT to research. During our study of history we will compare changes over time linked to inventions. The pupils are keen to start our research around the history of ‘flight’ this should help our topic take-off !

Art and DT : We will be developing a range of art and DT skills during the Spring  term. We will be focusing on Da Vinci as an artist study and also designing lighthouses and rolling toys. .

ICT: Wewill useLight Bot’ to introduce basic algorithms and learn how to create basic patterns of codes, procedures and loops. We will continue to use ICT in all areas of the curriculum to support our learning in other areas.

P.E: Please ensure your child has a PE kit (named) everyday. We will explore dance through our study of inventions and machines. We will also continue to complete ‘The Mile a Day’ and will also complete short yoga lessons weekly.

Music:  We will explore music (past and present that expresses the sea.) We will then create compositions with percussion instruments.

PSHCE: During this half term we will initially focus on New Years’ Resolutions and setting ourselves goals. We will also look at global issues via Fair Trade and continue to focus on UN Rights and Responsibilities of a Child.

RE: Pupils will explore Christianity and Easter as well as Jewish Family Celebrations.  

Homework: This term your child will need to read everyday. Sometimes there will be a short reading comprehension to complete or topic based reading. If you support them with these activities it would be helpful for you to add your comments to the question sheet. ‘My Maths’ will be set (for those with access) other maths activities will be set in line with the weekly focus in class. Phonics and spelling will continue as during Autumn. Homework is handed in on FRIDAYS