Class 2 – Spring Term 2021- Inventors and Explorers

Happy New Year!

  Our topic this term will be ‘Inventors and Explorers’. This topic gives the pupils the opportunity to learn using a whole range of skills and also offers them the chance creatively explore new ideas and concepts.

This year children in Year 2 pupils will not have to sit national assessments (SATs) but the school will be asked for Teacher Assessment. These judgements are made against whether pupils are meeting their age-related expectation in Maths, English and Reading. Their science and spelling and grammar skills are also monitored. This means that we will continue to work with your child to bridge gaps in learning and where possible achieve age realated expectations (ARE).

Maths: During the Spring term we will be revisiting some key areas of mathematics covered in Autumn such as place value and addition. We will explore subtraction, continue our work on Money and giving change as well as and review Year 1 work that we may have missed..

As the term progresses our focus will be:  multiplication, division, fractions, position and direction and shape. Pupils will be taught skills practically using objects to reason and problem solve, these will translate into jottings and  recording maths sentences with understanding. We will be making use of bar models and part, part, whole representations to support understanding.

English:  Over the Spring term we will cover a range of fiction and non fiction texts. We will use books such as; The Dragon Machine, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and The Journey to support our writing and also use short video clips about inventions and explorers to inspire non-fiction texts. We will focus on ways in which to improve our writing. Spelling will continue be an important part of our writing, our new class mantra being; ‘If you know it, show it!’  The children will start to learn how to edit and improve their writing by adding interesting verbs and adjectives, changing word choices and using accurate punctuation.

Reading: In school your child will read at least once a week and have a specific English lesson each week focusing on reading skills as part of out Pathways to Reading Scheme. We will cover all reading skills from: Unpicking vocabulary, inferring meaning, predicting the  next part of a story, explaining our views, retrieving information and sequencing events. We shall focus on reading ‘The Dragon Sitter’ and ‘Owen’s Soldier’ which are class texts in the scheme. Please read together at home and access our on line reading books when ever possible.

Science : Our science lessons will be very practical as we explore materials and their uses. We will investigate the suitability of materials for various purposes through experiments and investigations. We shall also learn about fair testing and recording results accurately.

During science week in March, we will be carrying out many investigations about ‘Our Diverse Planet’.

In class we will read James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl as our whole class book. Many of the children have started to read some of Roald Dahl’s classics alongside their school reading book.

History/ Geography : We will use Explorers to learn about geography and will make use of maps, photos and computers to research. During our study of history we will compare changes over time linked to inventions. The pupils are keen to start our research around the history of ‘flight’ this should help our topic take-off !

Art and DT : We will be developing a range of art and DT skills during the Spring  term. We will be focusing on Da Vinci as an artist study and also designing lighthouses and rolling toys.

Computing : We will useLight Bot’ to introduce basic algorithms and learn how to create basic patterns of codes, procedures and loops. We will also use online programming to draw shapes, create repeated patterns and add noise to programs.  We will continue to use ICT in all areas of the curriculum to support our learning in other areas.

P.E: Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their kit on PE days (these will be confirmed in January). We will explore dance through our study of inventions and machines.

Music: As part of our Changra scheme of work pupils will complete a unit of work;’ ‘I wanna be in a band’ and will learn how to create and score simple repeated patterns on untuned instruments.

RE: We will explore the themes of ‘Jesus the Storyteller’ and ‘Easter’.

PSHCE: We will look at what it means to belong to a community, internet safety and begin to explore the importance of managing money.

MFL: In French we will revisit greetings, numbers to 10 and colours, We will explore the vocabulary used to describe where we live.

HOMEWORK: We will continue to post weekly homework using Class Dojo, however this term we hope to move to using Goggle Classrooms to support Home Learning. The children are being introduced to the new learning platform and this will support them in using it at home should our bubble be closed at any point in the future.