Class 1 – Summer Term


Paws, Claws, Fins and Fingers


I hope that everyone had a great Easter break and that you are looking forward to you final term in Year One!

Our new topic is ‘Paws, Claws, Fins and Fingers.’ We will be learning about different animals and their habitats. I will be sending out new  ‘What my child would like to learn about’ questionnaires, I would be very grateful if you could complete these with your child.

Make sure you check out our section of the blog to see what we have been up to each week:

Dates for your diary:

23.04.18 Inset (Teacher’s training ‘Primary Writing Project’)
11.05.18 Year One Class Assembly: Friday 11th May 9:30am
18.05.18 Royal Wedding celebrations – Whole school
21.05.18 Forest School week – Whole school
03.07.18 Sports Day KS1 am / KS2 pm – Stay for a picnic lunch
05.07.18 Reserve sports day
09.07.18 Reports out
12.07.18 School Council Pirate Day
20.07.18 School Closes
23/24/25th INSET days


Reading will be taught as a whole-class lesson, as well as through group and individual reading. The children have already selected an Enid Blyton classic as our new whole class reading text. To assist with your child’s reading development, it is essential to read with them at home. We will again be using the raffle ticket system to monitor home reading.

We will be using the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ approach to develop our storytelling and writing skills. This term, we will be using a non-fiction and fiction text, using the T4W approach. Our first text will be a ‘Tale of Quest’ focus ‘The Lion Inside’. As well as this, we will be reading poems, rhymes and traditional tales to develop our storytelling and writing skills. Our key focus writing focus will be to use capital letters, finger spaces and appropriate punctuation, as well as spelling words using the phonemes the children have already learnt and the new ones they will be learning in phonics. We will also be focusing on connecting our sentences together and using new endings to sentences to reflect plurals and new word beginnings to change meanings. There will also be stand-alone spelling, grammar and handwriting lessons during the week. In handwriting, we will be moving on to forming and use cursive letters correctly.

Phonics is a notably key area for focus this term, a lot of the English homework set will be based around phonics. Phonics is fundamental in assisting your child’s reading and writing development. There is an app available for those of you who have access to a smart phone or tablet called ‘Jolly Phonics’ which is a free support tool for you and your child. The children will be working from phases 3-6, recapping and learning new sounds and alternative ways of spelling them. If you feel you would like more information with how to support your child with phonics, please don’t hesitate to come and see me. I have given each child a long in for ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’. This is a further online resource to support your child’s phonics development. It is great to see so many of them attempting this!

Alongside phonics, the children need to learn their high frequency and common exception words. Again, it is therefore crucial that they are also practising these at home. We will be focusing on reading ‘alien’ words as well as real words, to encourage children to use their sounds to read words.

During this term, it will also be your child’s ‘Phonics Screening Check’. More information will follow about this.

This term Maths lessons will focus on: measurement, including height, weight, length, volume, money and time, multiplication and division, specifically in the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, fractions, place value within 100 and position and direction.
The children will be comparing, recognising, solving, using their reasoning and problem solving skills, recording and discussing their findings, identifying and representing numbers in pictorial, numeral and written form and continuing to focus on their ability to recognise patterns, number bonds and write numbers in various ways.

It would be very helpful for your child if you continue to practise their number bonds to 10 and 20 with them, writing the numbers in words and numerals and their 2, 5 and 10 times tables at home, in addition to their homework.


During the Summer term we will look at changes to the environment, weather and growth. Our key scientific focus will be Animals, which forms the basis of our topic. The children will learn how and why animals are classified in certain ways, their habitats and endangered animals. Making use of their observational and recording skills.

History and Geography

Children will be using atlases and maps to identify where animals come from and the location of the different habitats, depending upon weather and temperature. We will also be looking at the differences between Congleton and Chester as a town and city. We will revisit our UK topic, linking to the Royal Wedding in May.

Art and Design Technology

We will be making 2S and 3D representations of different animals and insects, including pets and wild animals. We will also focus on colour, texture and shadow through producing desert-based art pieces. As a link to our topic, we will also look at some of Henri Rousseau’s work and focus upon ‘Elmer’ to link with our PSHE sessions. In DT we will be making the layers of the rainforest and make our own ‘Rainforest Wind Ups’.


The children will continue to work upon their ability to program using algorithms, using various technology to develop their skills. As a link to our topic, they will also use ICT equipment to research various animals, learning about online safety as they do so, as well as creating their own animal using software on the laptops. They will also be given the opportunity to create their own word art piece, all about themselves.


We will be continuing to use the ‘Charanga’ music scheme to develop our voice and instrument skills. As part of our topic, we will also be listening to and creating our own music to represent different animals and habitats.


Over the Summer term, we will continue to focus on Christianity. We will be looking at belonging and celebrations, as well as looking at churches in our local area.


We will be using the KIVA programme alongside regular circle time discussions. Our focus for this term will be focusing on our health and discussing ‘Relationships’ and about themselves.


The children will have PE on a Thursday with Ministry of Sports and also on Friday with North West Sports. Please ensure correct kit is in school daily and clearly labelled with your child’s name. They will be working on travelling, space, receiving, team games, shapes and co-ordination.

English, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out weekly. Reading at home needs to be daily, with parents listening and questioning their child about what they have read at least 3 times each week.
As mentioned previously, the children have 100 High Frequency Words which they need to be able to spell. It is therefore crucial that they are practising these each week at home, as well as school. Each week, we will now begin a ‘Spelling Challenge’, where each child will spell the words they have focused on learning the previous week. The expectation is that they try 5 words a week, any they get wrong will become a focus for the next week

As always, if you have any questions, queries, concerns or comments, please feel free to speak to me when I collect or bring out the children. Please remember in the evening, my first concern is ensuring that all of the children are handed back to their adults safely, before I am free to speak to those who need to see me.