Class 1 – Spring Term

Happy New Year and welcome back to Year One! I hope that you have all enjoyed your Christmas and are ready for the next step in your learning.

Our topic is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. We will be learning about various aspects of space, including planets in our solar system, astronauts and famous journeys to Space.

As always, if you have any questions, queries, concerns or comments, please feel free to speak to me when I collect or bring out the children.

Happy New Year again, here’s to a positive start to 2020!

English Reading will be taught as a whole-class lesson, as well as through group and individual reading. To assist with your child’s reading development, it is essential to read with them at home. We will be using the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ approach to develop our storytelling and writing skills. This term, we will be using non-fiction and fiction texts, including ‘Toys in Space, ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ and Neil Armstrong facts. As well as this, we will be reading poems, rhymes and traditional tales to develop our storytelling and writing skills. Our key writing focus remains forming letters correctly and to construct simple words and sentences. There will also be stand-alone spelling, grammar and handwriting lessons during the week. In June, Year One complete the statutory ‘Phonics Screening Check’. The check will establish your child’s phonological awareness and understanding of the taught sounds from Reception to Year One. It is therefore essential that children are reading as often as possible, completing set phonics homework and using the provided sound cards from their homework packet to practice known sounds and words.

Maths We will be focusing initially on 2D and 3D shapes and consolidating our existing knowledge. Over the course of the Spring term, we will also be working on our addition and subtraction skills, embedding our existing understanding from the Autumn term. We will also be continuing to work on our place value knowledge, focusing on numbers to 50, including counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s. In the measurement aspect of maths, we will be learning about height and length and also weight and volume. Linking with our Space topic, we will be creating jet packs to develop our understanding of capacity and volume and also racing rockets and measuring the distances traveled. 

Science During the Spring term, we will be focusing on different materials and their properties. We will be classifying objects and materials and aim to identify the different materials objects are made from. There will be a school ‘Science Week’ where the children will have the opportunity to complete a range of different experiments and activities.


 In History we will be learning about astronauts, including Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We will be looking closely at the first landing on the moon and completing a Non-Fiction Talk for Writing unit about Neil Armstrong. We will also be looking at toys and comparing the old to the new. In Geography we will be looking at seasonal changes across the year, linking to our Science work. We will also be creating our own maps to reflect a rockets’ journey through Space, as well as mapping the school grounds.

Art/Design & Technology We will be creating our own Space surfaces using Modroc, focusing on textures and the different colours of each planet. The children will also make their own jet packs and design space food and packaging, based upon their own design criteria.

Computing We will be working on our knowledge of online safety and keeping our personal information secure. We will also be programming robots and beebots to move around Space.

Music We will be continuing to use the ‘Charanga’ music scheme to develop our voice and instrument skills. We will be continuing with our frequent ‘wake up, shake ups’ throughout the day, to encourage children to develop their listening and singing skills.

RE Over the Spring term, we will continue to expand our knowledge of Christianity. The key focus will be love and forgiveness and the importance of these things in everyday life, as well as in the context of Christianity.

PSHE This term our focus is ‘It’s Good to Be Me’. We will be working on the importance of self-belief and our responsibilities, as well as keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

P.E: The children will have P.E on a Thursday with Ministry 4 Sport. Please ensure correct kit is in school daily and clearly labelled with your child’s name. They will be working initially on; Ball Skills- agility, spatial awareness, sending, receiving and co-ordination.


English, Phonics, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out each Friday. It is also expected that children complete 5 minutes worth of spelling practice every day, as well as daily reading.

Reading at home should consist of parents listening and questioning their child, for a bare minimum of 3 times a week. I cannot stress how important this is and what a huge impact reading has on all areas of the learning.

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