Class 1 – Autumn Term

‘To Infinity and Beyond’

Welcome to Year One! I hope that you all had a fantastic break and are looking forward to the new and exciting challenges that Year One holds.

Our first topic is ‘to infinity and beyond’. We will be learning about all things space!

Make sure you check out our section of the blog to see what we have been up to each week:


Reading will be taught as a whole-class lesson, as well as through group and individual reading. To assist with your child’s reading development, it is essential to read with them at home. We will again be using the raffle ticket system to monitor home reading.We will be using the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ approach to develop our storytelling and writing skills.

The first two weeks of English for the term will focus predominantly on an author study of  ‘Emily Gravett’. We will be using the text ‘Meerkat Mail’ where we will be creating character descriptions and writing postcards.

This term, we will be using non-fiction and fiction texts, including ‘Meerkat Mail’, Toys in Space’, and Neil Armstrong facts. As well as this, we will be reading poems, rhymes and traditional tales to develop our storytelling and writing skills. Our key writing focus is forming letters correctly and to construct simple words and sentences. There will also be stand-alone spelling, grammar and handwriting lessons during the week. In June, Year One complete the statutory ‘Phonics Screening Check’. The check will establish your child’s phonological awareness and understanding of the taught sounds from Reception to Year One. It is therefore essential that children are reading as often as possible, completing set phonics homework and using the provided sound cards from their homework packet to practice known sounds and words.


The first term in Maths will initially focus on consolidation of learning from the EYFS. The children will be counting, representing, ordering and sorting numbers to 20, as well as writing numbers in numerals and words. We will be focusing upon their reasoning and problem-solving skills, developing their ability to explain their answers and suggest reasons and ideas to deepen their understanding.We will be working on the children’s ability to identify one more and one less than a given number, using resources such as the number line to support this. This also includes counting forwards and backwards and developing the mathematical language associated with more and less.

Over the course of the term, we will progress on to addition and subtraction using concrete objects, as well as pictorial and written representations. We will also be developing our recognition of and ability to explain and describe simple 2D and 3D shapes.


During the Autumn term we start to monitor and develop our understanding of seasonal changes. Our key scientific focus will be the human body. The children will learn all about the human body and will be making use of their observational and recording skills.


In History we will be learning about astronauts, including Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We will be looking closely at the first landing on the moon and completing a Non-Fiction Talk for Writing unit about Neil Armstrong. We will also be looking at toys and comparing the old to the new. In Geography we will be looking at seasonal changes across the year, linking to our Science work. We will also be creating our own maps to reflect a rockets’ journey through Space, as well as mapping the school grounds.

Art/Design & Technology 

We will be creating our own Space surfaces using Modroc, focusing on textures and the different colours of each planet. The children will also make their own jetpacks and design space food and packaging, based upon their own design criteria.


The children will work upon their ability to program using algorithms, using various technology to develop their skills. As a link to our topic, they will also use ICT equipment to research various spaceships, as well as creating their own animal using software on the laptops. We will learn about online safety and discuss the uses of computers beyond school.


We will be continuing to use the ‘Charanga’ music scheme to develop our voice and instrument skills. We will be continuing with our frequent ‘wake up, shake ups’ throughout the day, to encourage children to develop their listening and singing skills.


Over the Autumn term, we will focus on Christianity. We will be looking at various stories about Jesus, focusing predominantly on the idea of friendship and belonging.


Please ensure your child brings a complete P.E kit into school with them. They will be working initially on; Ball Skills- agility, spatial awareness, sending, receiving and co-ordination.


This term we will be focusing on ourselves and our feelings, as well as how our behaviour affects us and those around us. This will include discussions about kindness and being a good friend.

Homework:English, Phonics, Maths and Spelling homework will be given out each Friday on class dojo. It is also expected that children complete 5 minutes worth of spelling practice every day, as well as daily reading.

Reading at home should consist of parents listening and questioning their child, for a bare minimum of 3 times a week. I cannot stress how important this is and what a huge impact reading has on all areas of the learning.

In Year One, we start off with 100 High Frequency Words which all children need to be able to spell and read. It is therefore crucial that they are practicing these at home. Each week, the children will complete a ‘Spelling Challenge’on Wednesday, focusing on the 5 spellings they received the week before. The expectation is that they try 5 words a week, any they get wrong will become a focus for the next week.