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Welcome to our Friends of Marlfields webpage where we intend to keep you up to date with reviews of our events and news of the forthcoming ones.

We invite all parents, relatives and friends of families to join in with our planning and hosting of events during the year to support fund raising for the children at school. The money raised goes back to the children and below is a review of the events from the children’s point of view. Please keep your eye on the weekly newsletters which give dates of our next meeting to which we hope you will attend.


The Friends of Marlfields have supported our reading drive in school through the purchase of more reading books for classes and new laptop and kindle equipment.

We thank them for this support and take this opportunity to stress the importance of Reading at Home. We would like to remind parents of the important role you take in your child’s education and thank you in advance for the support you will be giving your child when reading at home during this Summer term and the forthcoming Summer holiday.

Reading regularly at home has a significant impact on your child’s confidence and learning. At Marlfields we recognise this and children are rewarded for reading at home by being given the opportunity to win a prize by entering the class reading raffle, a ticket is given for 3 parent signatures in their reading record books. Please support your child by listening to them read and signing their books. Signatures can also be gained from joining us at the “Munch & Crunch with the Reading Bunch” session held every morning from 8.15-8.50am in the Studio.  Everyone is welcome so come along and gain a signature from the adults who will be there to support you.

Our reading challenge raffle takes place every Monday during our Celebration assembly.


                                            PLANS FOR 2019


We will be raising money this year to support all classes bus costs for trips thus making it cheaper for families when we send for contributions. This has been the choice of the children themselves as the fund raising scheme.


Film Nights are popular at any time of year!

The Friends of Marlfields hold regular film nights. Our new committee tried out serving up chips which were really popular.

What a brilliant time we all had this year at events, money was raised and the FOM would like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who came and all the adults who helped during the year.

We also held an Easter bingo – always a popular event and lots on non-uniform days to collect things for our events and money to boost the bank account throughout the year.

Money raised this year has gone to support trips for the children, making them more affordable for parents and to the purchase of further laptops for classes.  We now see Years 6,5,4,3 and two with laptops in classrooms for enhancing the curriculum in every lessson.



Many thanks to everyone who came to watch last week’s film Mr Peabody and Sherman.  The FOM are pleased to let you know that they made a profit of £225.90.


Well, what can we say about the whole Paddington Experience?



Off we set, Years 1 – 6, early last Thursday morning with great excitement on each of the four coaches, eager to get to Didsbury in the rush hour traffic – we didn’t want to miss a second of what promised to be a great film.  We needn’t have worried; we arrived in plenty of time to have a snack, a drink and a toilet visit before we went in.

Never before have so many children sat so quietly in a cinema.  From the moment the film started to the very end everyone sat totally transfixed by the story of Paddington, his family in Peru and his adopted family in England.  We won’t tell you anymore of the story in case you want to go to see it for yourselves.

When we came out of the cinema everyone, staff and children alike were buzzing with excitement at what they had just watched and also because we were going to have a McDonalds for lunch.  Have you any idea how many big boxes there are to carry 200 Happy Meals?  Suffice to say, the vehicle that they were transported in smells of McDonalds still!!  Everyone tucked in with great gusto, little did they know that the treats didn’t end there.  Mrs Camp and Mrs Yoxall decorated a cupcake for each child with a Paddington picture on it.

As if that wasn’t enough the children also got to have a slice of an absolutely stunning Paddington cake which was very kindly made for us by Boyan and Elitsa’s mummy Mrs Trandeva-Georgieva.  Just have a look at this photograph:


You can take our word for it; the cake tasted every bit as good as it looked!

We are sure that you would like to join with us to take this opportunity to thank Venda for taking the time to produce this lovely cake for us.

We must also give a huge thank you to the Friends of Marlfields for contributing £1000 towards the cost of this visit


We are pleased to report that many of our pupils took part in the Summer  reading challenge.  Rewards were given out in September.

In September  we always hold a Coffee Morning as part of the Macmillan Cancer Charity World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in The Studio.

Christmas Family Event

Join us for some family fun to celebrate Christmas by getting things ready together.  The event is often entitled like the ‘The Polar Express Ride’, all members of the family are invited and there will be a number of activities to join in with.  Full details to follow in our newsletter but don’t forget to let us know if you are coming so we can have plenty of resources ready.