Disadvantaged Pupil Funding & Impact


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Pupil premium report 2015-2016 ammended

Disadvantaged grant impact statement 2014-15

Impact on standards compared to National Statistic

Disadvantaged grant expenditure: 

Planned Use: 2017 – 2018

Planning and evaluation outline

Marlfields Primary Academy receives a ‘Disadvantaged Grant’ from the Government for each child that is eligible for free school meals (‘FSM’), or has been eligible at any time in the last six years. This is not part of the Universal Free School Meal for Reception to Year 2. A similar grant is also received for children in the care of the Local Authority (LAC), children of armed forces personnel and children who have been adopted. As a school we ensure that teaching and learning opportunities met the needs of all the pupils. Therefore we believe that children benefit when it is possible to keep teaching groups within a reasonable range. Funding is allocated following a needs analysis to identify priority classes, groups or individuals.

To meet this philosophy at Marlfields Primary Academy we are committed to using the Disadvantaged Grant to employ additional teaching staff (teachers and/or teaching assistants) to enable the school to create additional sets across the year groups where needed and continue with 1 to 1, 1 to 3 or small group teaching where needed. This does impact on the pupils who create the Pupil Premium funding as it allows the school to teach to smaller groups. Should these pupils require the additional support then their needs are seen as a priority. Also funding is used to support educational visits these children may be required to go on.

The entire grant that we are entitled to on account of our children being, or having been, eligible for FSM is very important to us and if you think your child is eligible for FSM, please contact the school to discuss this in complete confidence.

Summary of planned Spending 2017- 2018

It is out intention to enhance provision for our disadvantaged children by:

  • Supplementary teaching staff in English and Maths in all year Years, including specialist provision.
  • Additional Teachers to support learning in all Years 1 to 6 in English and Maths allowing lower pupil to teacher ratios.
  • Additional Teaching Assistants to support learning in Speaking and Listening. English and Maths.
  • Target Resources – specifically Maths and English to support learning for pupils.
  • Funding to ensure Disadvantaged grant children access extra curricular activities and residential visits. Specifically and in house artist for two afternoons a week.
  • Improve CPD activities, ensuring planning by teachers meet the differing needs of these children.
  • Provide support for uniform and other essentials where necessary for the needs of these children.
  • Specific language support teacher for specific pupils.
  • PP Manager to monitor and ensure impact for pupils.