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Club Offers for Spring Term 2020

2020 – SPRING club matrix

Please note that Archery will continue on Monday.

Please contact Mrs Yoxall in our office for any further information on 01260 633120. Thank You

Pupil Enterprise

All children in our school are involved in enterprise activities throughout the year. Each year group has a specific week to focus on raising as much money from a £10 loan from Mrs Isherwood our Principal.  It is part of our creative curriculum. Pupils are  involved in making decisions about a product or service to sell, performing market research, marketing, publishing and promoting and then selling our product or service to other classes in school and our parents. Enterprise projects include; making art work to sell to the highest bidder, designing and making chocolate bars to sell, undertaking a sponsored spell and many more. All the profits generated from the pupil’s enterprise goes into their class bank account and the class are then responsible for how the money will be spent. In addition, we have local businesses coming into school to work with us to help us gain a knowledge and understanding of the world of work and enterprise.  Each year the winning class members receive a medal and the trophy to hold for a year.


In April we won the ‘School Bake Off’ competition held by Grain Chain and we met Paul Hollywood, who we baked with.

bake off1

bake off 2